Jillian’s Lucky Strike

Challenge: Update Jillian's Lucky Strike Blog to attract a wider audience to the site's website and venue. In this case, inform them on the health benefits of bowling and billiards, both offered in the...

Lego Architecture

Challenge: For the client, Lego Architecture, execute an entire advertising campaign from start to finish then present to the client. The full presentation is not seen below but several options of possible directions to take are seen through the following...


Challenge: For the client, TAGS Hardware in Cambridge, MA, redesign the branding for and create a print and digital advertisement utilizing the new branding.


Challenge: For the client, ALS, create a campaign from start to finish to make the audience understand what it truly is like to have ALS, something that not many people understand.

Cannes Lions

Challenge: Get people in the office to come to the interns' screening of the Cannes Festival.

NYC Infographic

Challenge: Choose a city and create an infographic with statistics on the city.

Vogue Redesign

Challenge: Redesign a magazine cover, two page spread, table of contents, and end page. The design was meant to similar to the original magazine design, while bringing in some unique style. Photography by Caitlin Boyle

Laughing Giraffe Design

Challenge: Using images of 60 different animals, we gesture drew them to then scan onto the computer. We then chose our favorite scan to edit and make a logo/ brand identity for a business of our choosing.

Karma Cafe

Challenge: Create a concept for a restaurant, execute an appropriate logo, and make a mock website home page.